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Uniquely placed at the interface of traditional and digital business

Who is

Jon Sumroy?

From unlikely beginnings as a pharmacist to his current career as a digital mentor and entrepreneur, Jon Sumroy lives each day by Helen Keller’s motto. His journey has taken him on many different, wonderful adventures around the world.

Jon first touched ‘digital’ in the pre-Internet days as a Unilever manager, working on the Axe brand. Jon created Unilever’s first ever digital marketing program, sponsoring rooms in the ‘Virtual Nightclub’ CD-Rom. An early fan of the Internet, Jon was among the first in the traditional marketing world to see the potential in

“Life  is  either  a
d a r i n g adventure     or  nothing”

Helen Keller

these relatively unknown technologies.

Jon’s 20-year career includes large established companies like Unilever and Johnson & Johnson, digital pioneers like 888.com as well as tiny start-ups. Uniquely placed at the interface of traditional and digital business, today Jon works all over the world helping companies embrace technology for growth and success.

“As a digital mentor, I study and scrutinize how businesses succeed in today’s digital world. Then I find the best ways to teach my insights to others; using my experience to help companies grow.”

As co-founder of internet marketing services agency, NationalPositions (EMEA) Jon consults to large and small companies, coaching teams, individuals and entrepreneurs.

With a passion for creative speaking, Jon has presented to thousands of people at conferences and events like SMX, PMI and others as well as speaking at company events. He is writing a book, ‘The Drill-Down Generation’.

Jon’s career has taken him and his family to live in three countries, including 6-months driving across America in a motorhome with his wife and three boys (they've since added a girl). Jon cycles as often as he can.

All quite an adventure!


As a digital mentor, co-founder of NationalPositions (EMEA) Jon has worked with many different clients: large established companies to small start-ups. Across different industries: consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, travel, governmental, design, advertising,PR,technology, and more


Jon works as a speaker, running workshops and as a coach and mentor.

If you are looking to sponsor a keynote presentation, lecture series or a half-day or full-day workshop with Jon Sumroy, you can use the contact form here, or you can call either +972 (54) 242-8424 or +44 (754) 533-8424.

Presentation and workshops have been organized in many countries and can also be organized as online events.

All Jon’s session include case studies, stories and practical advice

Talk 1: The Internet Tsunami - Traditional business in the digital age

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A Tsunami is a huge powerful wave. Both beautiful and destructive, if you are not prepared, you may not survive.

The Internet has changed everything about business . These changes over the last 20-years are as beautiful and as potentially destructive as a tsunami.

Jon Sumroy has spent his entire career ‘surfing’ the top of this internet tsunami and navigating companies to success

In this talk

  • What has changed?
  • How do great companies succeed?
  • What you need to do?
  • What is best practice?

Talk 2: The Drill-Down Generation - The “people of the browser” (soon to be a book)

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*From Jon Sumroy’s upcoming book
The Drill-Down Generation”.

“We are the ‘Drill-down Generation’

My eldest child was born before the World Wide Web. Less than 10-years apart, my youngest doesn’t recognize a phone with buttons or a car without GPS.”*

Technology changes so rapidly that even within generations, habits are completely different. In a world of ubiquitous information, it is almost impossible to stand out and catch people’s attention. It is even harder when everyone expects a personal conversation.

In this talk

  • How can you leverage these habits?
  • How can you stand out and catch attention?
  • How can you get people to ‘drilldown’into your information?

Talk 3: Big Foot - Online reputation and your digital footprint

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In the good old days of television, radio and print, the bad news would disappear in the news cycle; by tomorrow everyone would be getting excited about something else. Today, on the internet, it is there forever and everything starts with an internet search.

But what happens when things go wrong?

In this talk

  • How do you build a powerful online footprint?
  • How do you control your search results?
  • How to use this to build your business?
  • How to protect yourself for future crises?

In Action

watch Jon at various conferences,
keynotes and company events

Customer Service and "Big Foot"
 June 13, 2013 12:54PM

Product Recalls and "Big Foot"
 March 5, 2013 11:05PM

Human Resources and the Internet Tsunami
 June 3, 2012 12:54PM

Marital Problems - Influence and Reputation and "Big Foot"
 Jan 15, 2013 11:05PM

Project Managers Institute at Sapir College
 March 5, 2012 11:05PM

Carlsberg-Big Foot-Online reputation and digital footprint
 Coming Soon

“The Drill-Down Generation”

standing out of the information overload

Excerpt from The Drill-Down Generation

The universal salute of the Drill Down Generation is the casual swipe of the fingers across the flip-board of life. We swipe and we glance. We leaf and we peruse. We are skilled information dowsers, mercilessly discarding the less relevant as we search for the seam that provides us with what we need right now. And when we home in on that vein of information coal, the fossile fuel that fires our information-driven lives, we drill down, we mine it until it’s depleted. And then we move on.

The prophets of yore misspoke when they named this future generation. We are not cyberpunks. We are cybersophisticates. The Qur’an describes all followers of Abrahamic monotheism as the People of the Book. We members of the Drill Down Generation serve and sustain the unified godhead of Knowledge. We are the People of the Browser. We are the Drill Down Generation.



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